January 27, 2023
sports Smartwatch

sports Smartwatch

Sports Smartwatch(Bluetooth Answer Make Call/Voice Control), Waterproof Fitness Sports Watches with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Oxygen Slep Tracker, Smartwatch for Women Men for Android iOS Phones (Pink)

Special Theme for Sports Smartwatch

9 Sports Modes & Waterproof Keep track of your training distance and physical condition when exercising. Connect your phone’s GPS to keep track of your workout. The Life waterproof certification supports hand cleaning and rainy running (note: not suitable for diving, swimming, or sauna).

Try not to submerge your watch in water. To enable your phone’s voice assistance, go to the voice control function and long press for 3 seconds. This allows you to talk with your phone and have it do whatever you want.

Specifications of Sports Smartwatch


Brand Amszke
Model NameAmszke
Interchangeable Yes
Color   Pink
Water ResistanceYes

Platform and Structure

Run Operating SystemIOS, Android
Android VersionAndroid 4.4
Power by operating SystemIOS, Android (iSO-9.0)
IOS, AndroidOS

Connectivity of Structure

Dual Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth version5.0
Wireless connectionBluetooth
Other connectivityWireless

Outlook Display and Camera

Display Typesinterface
Display Size 1.7
Display ResolutionHD
Human Interface InputYes
Face SmartwatchSOS

Special for Sports Smartwatch

Special FeatureBluetooth call, Voice control
Device interface – primaryTouchscreen, Microphone


Thickness1.38 inches
Weight (g)1.41 ounces


Battery Power Rating200 Milliamp Hours
Battery capacity 200mAH
fully chargedabout 2 hours

2022 Upgraded Sports Smartwatch

Your 24-hour Online Health Helper, the 2022 Upgraded sports Smartwatch (Answers/Dial Calls).

  • Your 24-hour Online Health Helper, the 2022 Upgraded Smart Watch (Answers and Dial Calls). Heart Rate/Blood Pressure Monitor: This device monitors your heart rate and blood pressure 24 hours a day, seven days.
  • The device continuously monitors heart rate every 10–60 minutes throughout the day, using the most recent chip and an advanced heart rate sensor.
  • The current blood pressure value is measured and the result is displayed. In addition to tracking it in real time on the watch, you can see your heart rate visually in the “V Band” APP.
  • Based on the idea that the amount of light absorbed by arterial blood fluctuates with arterial pulsation, optical measurement is carried out using the most recent photoelectric sensing technology.
  • When you’re sick or doing high-intensity exercise, keep track of your blood oxygen saturation to better understand your physical condition and live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Take a deep breath to relax after a stressful day at work or after a day of exhilarating sports with specially guided breathing exercises that are adjusted to your pulse rate.
  • SOS: The smartwatch with call will use the SOS function to dial one of the pre-programmed phone numbers.
  • When you’re absorbed in work and sit for an extended period of time, your smart watch will vibrate to remind you to take a break (this function needs to be turned on in V Band in advance).
  • Drink Reminder: According to your settings, the fitness tracker might remind you to drink water every now and then to keep your body in good shape. (This feature must be enabled in V Band ahead of time)

Function of sports smartwatch (Answers/Dial Calls)

  • Weather Forecast: The weather for the next three days will be displayed on the smart watch, allowing you to check the weather at any moment without having to use your phone. To update in real time, the weather feature must be connected to the cell phone.
  • Looking For Mobile Phone: When you lose track of your phone, use the “Find Phone” feature on your smart watch to make it vibrate. Set a password in the settings to secure your privacy using the Smart Lock Screen.
  • Smart Lock Screen: To preserve your privacy, enter a password in the settings.
  • Intelligent voice: Connect your mobile phone .With Bluetooth, you can operate your phone with your voice.
  • Message notification: On the APP, open the reminder. Your SMS and social media information will be synchronized by the smart watch. (I am unable to respond.)
  • Bluetooth music: After connecting the phone to Bluetooth, click to control the previous song, next song, play, stop, and other phone functions.

Smart Watch with siri Voice Control & Calculator
You can utilize the speech function to activate your phone’s voice assistant (like Siri), which will assist you in making calls, playing music, and other tasks.
Only until audio Bluetooth is linked can Bluetooth calls (dialing, responding, and rejecting) be made.
The maximum Bluetooth connection distance is ten meters.
When you receive a call on your watch, you can opt to answer it with your phone or your watch on your smartphone.

Smart Watch Bluetooth Call & Message Notification

Your SMS and social media information will be synchronized by the smart watch (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.). (Note: the app must operate in the background.)

Use little games on your wrist to relax your mood for sports, leisure, and amusement.

By employing high-fidelity speakers and a Bluetooth call smart watch, you won’t miss any essential calls when walking, driving, running, or cycling.

Smart Lock Screen & Countdown & Stopwatch & Alarm

An intelligent, high-strength encryption technique has been developed to protect personal and friend information.Give you a private universe, and you’ll be able to live a vibrant and intelligent existence.

This smart watch has stopwatch and countdown timer functions to help you get the most out of your workout.

It can also wake you up with a vibration alarm clock that won’t wake up the rest of your family. Have a wonderful start to the new day! (On the “V Band” APP, set three alarms.)

Long Battery

200 mAh battery capacity

Charge time: 2 hours

Time on Hold: 20 days

20 mm wide strap (has 2 bands).

The smart watch synchronization APP supports 24 languages, with the option to select the language of the respective country.

Sleeping Monitoring

It can track and display the entire length of sleep, as well as the duration of deep and light sleep. You can log in to the APP to view more extensive information analysis and data recording. Note that sleep data begins to identify sleep at 9 p.m.

(Note: This watch’s blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring are for educational reasons only and should not be utilized for medical purposes.)

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