February 1, 2023
7C's of communication

7C's of communication

Are you struggling to communicate well in a professional setting? Learn 7C’s of communication in this guide.- Understanding the 7Cs of communication means that you are aware of the psychological processes involved in communicating and learning to manage them.- The 7Cs of communication are:

  1. Clarity
  2. Conciseness
  3. Concreteness
  4. Correctness
  5. Consideration
  6. Completeness
  7. Courtesy

Importance of 7cs of communication

A set of guidelines known as the “seven C’s of communication” should be followed in all of your communications. Their goal is to make sure the person you’re speaking to understands what you’re trying to express. To ensure better communication certain principles are to be followed.

7cs of effective communication brainly

  1. Clarity: Clarity means getting the meaning of message accurately from the head of the sender into head of the receiver. Clarity ensure that the receiver can understand what the sender wants convey. An ambiguous message will not able to make effective communication. When the subject matter is clearly presented communication becomes effective.
  2. Conciseness: Concise refers to communicating with the sender in as few words as feasible. Both the sender and the recipient save time and money. When reading a lengthy message, the reader might feel upset. Business executives also don’t have a lot of time to read through lengthy messages. But the communication should provide the necessary details.
  3. Concreteness: Concrete is the opposite of vague or generic, meaning precise, clear, and vivid. In business communications, words should have a distinct, unambiguous meaning for the reader. The following advice can assist in writing a clear message.
  4. Correctness: The facts and information in the message should be true and expressed in the appropriate languages. Any inaccurate information in the letter might boost confidence.
  5. Consideration: Consideration refers to the process through which a sender crafts each communication while taking into account the recipient’s background, educational level, desires, circumstances, emotions, and likely response.
  6. Completeness: The communication’s topic should be well developed. There shouldn’t be any gaps in the message. A complete message has all the details that readers or recipients need to comprehend it. The recipient should have a good understanding of the topic.
  7. Courtesy: The word “courtesy” refers to manners or polite behavior. It entails being conscious of other people’s viewpoints and emotions. A conversational writing or speaking style places emphasis on the reader’s point of view and deliberately chooses positive words that will foster civility.


Is it safe to say that how you communicate is a key factor in how well a relationship will work? Communication is the key to building and maintaining any relationship. If you are not clear and concise in your communication, the relationship is doomed to fail.

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